Apeiron Unified Communications

In a Meeting

Collaborative working is necessary in the modern business world so ensuring your teams can successfully work together will be crucial to your success. Not only must collaboration exist within the traditional office environment, it must also be facilitated for remote workers, satellite offices and from wherever (and however) your customers choose to talk to you.

The world has been digitised and it has allowed a level of agility never seen before. Up to date working practices which foster this collaboration and subsequently employee and customer satisfaction require the right technology.

Call Center

Apeiron takes this seriously as we know the benefits that can be gained by unifying your communications across all functions and channels. We will work to integrate all of the following:

  • Phones

  • Broadband

  • Internal communications systems (such as Microsoft Teams)

  • Instant messaging

  • Video conferencing

  • Internal systems (such as accounting or CRM systems)

Our unified communications solution provides:

  • Instant communication – removing barriers allows users to connect when they need to and get answers immediately

  • Improved experiences – whether these be internal or external in your customer base, being able to interact with a business on terms which suit you will ensure a positive encounter every time

  • Future proofing – the generations who will soon be working in your business are used to technology that is fast, reliable and intuitive

  • Productivity – technology that brings people together and operates as it should in a straightforward way and removes cumbersome, manual tasks will increase the efficiency of your workforce

  • Improved functionality – the technology of today allows us to do more than we ever have and unifying your communications promotes that further

  • Environmental impact reduction – by being able to work as effectively from a remote location and collaborate as you need to, it removes the need for commuting to an office space or even flying across the world to visit other locations. This successfully minimises our negative impact on the world around us

Image by Dylan Ferreira