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An introduction to Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM), also known at EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), allows businesses and their employees to control their devices, such as smartphones and tablets, within their fleet. Modern MDM solutions offer businesses a dynamic, flexible and secured approach, all managed from one central location, with zero touch deployment and management across the entire connected business.

Why is MDM important?

Before COVID-19 was even known, businesses were beginning to enable employees to work from anywhere using their mobile devices. Unfortunately, until MDM solutions were brought to market, IT departments were struggling to maintain and protect their mobile fleets often having to resort to a manual approach. MDM tackles these issues head on, ensuring businesses are able to monitor and protect mobile devices within the business, all from a central location.

Remote workers

The rise in availability of 4G and indeed 5G mobile connectivity has given businesses a greater platform to allow employees to take their work home or on the road. While this might not be the approach for all businesses, the benefits of a remote workforce are generally recognised and appreciated. Businesses who adopt a remote workforce can expect to benefit from improved productivity and morale.

This being said, the challenges associated with a remote workforce are clear (security, ability to actually work effectively) and so this has made many businesses hesitant to embrace it. But with MDM solutions such as MaaS360, businesses can now be assured that they are equipped to make mobile working a reality.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The rise of remote working will see a great number of mobile devices accessing, manipulating and transferring company data. The costs associated with issuing a new device to staff can impact a business financially, and so businesses are beginning to allow staff to bring their own mobile device in for business use.

Bring Your Own Device, commonly referred to as BYOD, does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing staff within a business to use their own personal devices for work purposes. The benefit of course is that there is no significant capital outlay for the business and the employee will already be familiar with the device, however security and control may remain a concern.

Mobile devices in the marketplace

In recent years the mobile market has seen an explosion in smartphone and tablet device launches. There’s now a device and price point in the market to suit all types of business users without needing to compromise on specification. However, without an MDM solution in place a businesses IT department can suffer, as it can be difficult to ensure devices are running the latest OS and security patches.

With the ability to integrate with a company’s IT infrastructure, an MDM system allows for simple set-up and integration across both personal and company-owned devices, making it essential in any workplace.


Security should be a priority for any modern business – Portswigger, who provide cybersecurity news and views, have already identified as many as six high profile security breaches in mobile this year. MDM solutions as a result, are becoming more important to business customers, helping to protect business data and the people that access it. And with an MDM platform, should there ever be a breach or compromise of data, companies can locate and remote wipe the data from the device.

GDPR compliance is also a consideration, especially when handling customer data on a device. Again, an MDM solution can help businesses put procedures in place that helps separate business and customer data in order to protect them from external threats and unauthorised use.


Having an MDM solution saves time and resource. The workflow involved in configuring new devices manually is complicated, so simplifying this process is becoming increasingly important in business. To help mitigate the issues of setting up new devices within an organisation, major hardware operators, such as Apple and Android, have adopted their own platforms. But there is also those which are independent, such as MaaS360.

MDM with Apeiron Communications

Apeiron Communications works with a number of different providers for your Mobile Device Management needs. Available on a wholesale or network billed model we can offer customers a solution that works for their business, including MaaS360, MobileIron and more.

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