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Your business needs a mobile solution that will work for you. Keeping your team connected whilst on the move or working remotely has never been more critical. That’s why Apeiron will seek to understand what your business needs and will provide the right solution.

Apeiron will help your business be better connected, more productive and will help to save you money. We will even ensure the setup is handled smoothly, taking the hassle away.

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Networks, tariffs and handsets to suit
your business

Apeiron will work with you to ensure we recommend the best technology for your requirements.

Networks – we will do the proper research to ensure we recommend the right network for your locations and usage. We work closely with our partners to get the best service, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about connectivity.

Tariffs – our partnerships with the most prominent mobile providers in the UK means we have access to the most competitive tariffs available. So not only will you have peace of mind regarding your network coverage, you know you won’t be paying over the odds for it.

Handsets – every business has different needs, so choosing the right hardware is essential. Whether they need to be extremely durable and shatterproof or the newest, most advanced technology, we will find the handsets to suit you, your budget and your team.

SIM-only – if it’s not broken, then why fix it? If you want to keep your existing handsets, you can benefit from a SIM-only solution giving you greater flexibility and lower costs.

Why choose Apeiron to provide your business mobiles?

Objectivity – we work with a broad range of suppliers, meaning we won’t try to force a solution that isn’t right for you.

Competitive offers – our partnerships with the best in the business mean that we can offer you the best deals on the right solution.

Service – not only will you have a dedicated point of contact, but every interaction with us at Apeiron will be treated with the most outstanding level of service.

Tailored solution – our consultative approach means we will get to know your business and what it needs both now and, in the future, to ensure the solution we provide meets them.

In-house support – our technical experience means we can handle issues ourselves whenever they arise. That means no call centres and no long waiting times.

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