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At Apeiron, we ensure the solutions we provide are the most up-to-date and future-proofed to safeguard your business in the long-term. That’s why we are experts in installing cloud telephony systems for businesses. We’ll improve efficiency, affordability and enable scalability for years to come.


We’ll work in consultation with you to understand precisely what you need from your phone system both today and in the future, and we will implement the one which is right for you.

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What is cloud telephony?

Traditionally, the network and routing elements of a business phone system were held in the office premises. Typically, some black boxes with a load of wires and flashing lights.


A cloud telephony system – also known as VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) – takes everything offsite. It replaces the original PBX systems, and routes calls directly to your phone. Plus, it securely hosts your data in the cloud where it can be accessed via the internet. 


For example, if you’ve ever made a call through WhatsApp, you’ve used VoIP. 

The key benefit of a cloud-based phone system is its ability to facilitate remote working with ease. It will allow both you and your colleagues to work wherever they need to with seamless integration and no compromise on call quality whatsoever.

What are the benefits of cloud telephony?

  • Cost-effective – quick set up and low maintenance, it can bring a significant cost reduction to your business​

  • Quality – no compromise on call quality or their processing​

  • Remote access – enabling your workforce to work wherever they need to is fundamental to a modern and efficient business​

  • Call management – you can benefit from features such as call reporting, call recording, and you can also have multiple voicemail boxes, including voicemail to email.​

  • Reliability – removal of the physical switches in the phone system and transferring them to cloud-based ones removes many of the potential issues, so your system is less likely to encounter problems​

  • Security – We can use your existing broadband connection to connect to a secure cloud platform and hold data in GDPR-compliant ways​

  • Scalability – it is easy to scale up the service as it removes the need to re-route or add more wires to a hardware system​

  • Integration – cloud phone systems can work with your existing applications (such as CRM systems) to allow you to better manage your information. The phone system can also be unified across all phones and devices within your business​

  • Collaboration – bringing your teams right up to date with the latest in video calling, file sharing, instant messaging, and web conferencing

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Who should use a Cloud-based telephone system?

Cloud, or VoIP, telecoms are useful for all types of business, no matter how large or small.

Remote workers can significantly benefit from VoIP with changing work environments. VoIP phone systems facilitate that for you and your employees.


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