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Customer Service

We’re here for you—all the time.


When you’re running a business, you need the best suppliers to help you succeed. From software partners providing internal systems to manufacturers and beyond, the right relationships help you achieve your goals.

In a world that relies on effective communication more than ever before, you must have the right telecoms partner too. With Apeiron, you’ll have a dedicated account manager and access to support that is available 24/7. With us, you get the right solution and the security of having someone on hand to help you if you have an urgent problem.

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Support for your business

Your business telecoms are in constant demand from your staff and your customers, so you need to know that they are always functioning. 


But what happens when something goes wrong? When you work with Apeiron, you will have an account manager who is a dedicated point of contact for you to speak to when you need to. 

You will also have access to 24-hour support, so in the event of a crisis, you have the peace of mind that someone will be helping you from the moment it happens.

Forward Thinking

Technology and methods of interaction are continuously evolving. Can your business adapt and change with the technology?


At Apeiron, we love all things tech, so we keep abreast of the latest kit available and what’s on the horizon. We understand how to future-proof the systems you have, so if upgrades are needed, they can be implemented with minimal fuss.


We’ll make sure you don’t get left behind.

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Customer Service

At Apeiron, make it our business to understand your business and implement the solutions you need. Then we provide ongoing support for any questions you may have or configuration changes you might need. 


Our business has grown on the strength of our customer service. We will always do whatever is necessary to ensure your business telecoms operate precisely as they should.

Our service includes:

  • Quarterly account review meetings

  • Online portal access – for real-time changes and management

  • An agile and flexible approach to ensure we move at your preferred pace

  • A personal relationship – we’re not a contact centre!

  • Detailed and accurate usage reporting